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SUNUS, LEVELUK R, K8, Leveluk DXII, Leveluk JRII, Leveluk SD501, SD501 Platinum, SUPER501, Leveluk SD501U.


Water Filtration Products

Kangen Water Research
Alkaline Health Books

Kangen Water Videos

Compatible Kangen Water Replacement Filters

HIGH Performance Filter
HIGH Performance HGN
PREMIUM Performance Filter
PREMIUM Performance HGN

ULTRA Performance Filter
ULTRA Performance HGN
UltraPremium Kangen Filter 
UltraPremium Kangen HGN Filter

Reusable Cleaning Cartridge

One Time Use HGN Cleaning Cart.
One Time Use Cleaning Cart.

REUSABLE Cleaning Cartridge
REUSABLE Cleaning HGN Cartridge Crystaline Cleaning Granules

Pre-filters & Housings

Diverters & Hoses


Shower Filters

Rainshower Shower Filter
Crystal Quest Shower Filter

Bath & Pool Filtration

Crystal Bath Ball Filter and Replacement Pouch

Whole House Filters

Singflo Water Pump

Testing Kits & Meters

Alkaline Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Test Kit
Fluoride/Chlorine Test Kit
pHydrion pH Test Paper

Health Books

Reverse Aging
Alkalize or Die

Powerful Magnets

Hard Water Magnetizer

Water Testing Kits

Click on the links or images for detailed information on each test kit.

Alkaline Water Reagent Test Kit Chlorine Test Kit solution Watersafe City Water  Test Kit Watersafe Well Water  Test Kit
Reagent Alkaline Water Test Kit Chlorine Test Kit WaterSafe City Water Test Kits WaterSafe Well Water Test Kits
$9.95 $9.95 Out Of Stock Out Of Stock
Fluoride Test Kit Mini Fluoride Checker pHydrion pH Litmus Test Paper
$24.95 $69.95 $12.95 $13.50
Fluoride Testing Kit Mini Fluoride Checker Test Kit pHydrion pH Litmus Test Paper pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips
Hanna HI98121 ORP/pH/Temp Meter American Marine PINPOINT ORP Meter Kit    
$169.95 $149.95    
Hanna HI98121 ORP/pH/Temp Meter American Marine PINPOINT ORP Meter Kit    

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