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Compatible Kangen Water Replacement Filters

HIGH Performance Filter
HIGH Performance HGN
PREMIUM Performance Filter
PREMIUM Performance HGN

ULTRA Performance Filter
ULTRA Performance HGN
UltraPremium Kangen Filter 
UltraPremium Kangen HGN Filter

Reusable Cleaning Cartridge

One Time Use HGN Cleaning Cart.
One Time Use Cleaning Cart.

REUSABLE Cleaning Cartridge
REUSABLE Cleaning HGN Cartridge Crystaline Cleaning Granules

Pre-filters & Housings

Diverters & Hoses


Shower Filters

Rainshower Shower Filter
Crystal Quest Shower Filter

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Crystal Bath Ball Filter and Replacement Pouch

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Kangen Products Page

For Enagic Kangen Water™ Machines Made In 2010 or Before Compatible with the MW7000HG Filter

HIGH Performance Cartridge Filter PREMIUM Performance Cartridge Filter ULTRA Performance Cartridge Filter REUSABLE Cleaning Cartridge
$85.00 $115.00 $135.00 $39.95

For Enagic Kangen Water™ Machines Made In 2011 or After (HGN)  Compatible with the MW7000HG-N Filter

HIGH Performance HGN Cartridge Filter PREMIUM Performance HGN Cartridge Filter ULTRA Performance HGN Cartridge Filter REUSABLE Cleaning HGN Cartridge
$85.00 $115.00 $135.00 $39.95

Travel/Non-Electric Alkaline Water Ionizers


Mini Waterman H2Go Alkaline Water Ionizer AOK Alkaline Water Bottle Alkalizer AOK 909 Alkaline Water Ionizer Faucet Water Alkalizer
$64.95 Out Of Stock $289.95 Out Of Stock

AYRO HT Countertop Water Filter

Super Cleans Tap Water So You Can Drink Confidently - great for home or travel
$149.95 $169.95 $169.95 $189.95 $189.95
Ayro HT - White Ayro HT - White Polished Chrome Ayro HT - White Polished Brushed Ayro HT - Black Polished Chrome Ayro HT - Black Brushed Stainless

AYRO HT PLUS Countertop Water Filter

Super Cleans tap water and energize with mineralize and antioxidants
$299.95 $319.95 $339.95 $319.95 $339.95
Ayro HT Plus - White Ayro HT Plus - White Polished Chrome Ayro HT Plus - White Polished Brushed Ayro HT Plus - Black Polished Chrome Ayro HT Plus - Black Brushed Stainless

Accessories for Kangen Water Machines

hose/tubing pre-filter systems water test kits Crystalline Cleaning Granules
$12.99   $9.95 $39.95
Faucet Diverters Hard Water Treatment Alkaline & Health Books Electrolysis Enhancer
Drinking Water Bottles   Whole House Water Filter & Water Softener

Kangen Water Machines Professional Cleaning Services


  The first thing you should know is that we will not work on any Kangen water machine made by Enagic that is currently under warranty. If you bought a machine from someone the warranty is not transferable to you, so we will have no problem working on your machine. Please also be aware that when you purchase and used a kangen water unit that the machine may not be completely paid for. It may be in your interest to learn whether or not the machine you are about to purchase has been completely paid for. This may or may not affect your ability to have your machine serviced by Enagic. At this time we only offer professional cleaning services for kangen water ionizers made by Enagic that is not under warranty. For more information please contact us. 


Nutritious & Alkalizing Supplements

Alkaline Water Drops Superfoods Herbal Cleanse Cellfood

As stated above our replacement cartridge filters are designed to fit the great Kangen Water machines made by Enagic, including the SUNUS, Leveluk DXII, Leveluk JRII, Leveluk SD501, Leveluk SD501 Platinum, Leveluk SUPER 501, or Leveluk SD501U. Whether your machine is the old original style MW-7000HG model or the newer HG-N model. The older type filters fit machines that were bought in 2010 or before and the newer HG-N filters fit machines bought in 2011 or after.

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