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Enagic SUNUS, LEVELUK R, K8, Leveluk DXII, Leveluk JRII, Leveluk SD501, SD501 Platinum, SUPER 501, Leveluk SD501U.


Water Filtration Products

Kangen Water Research
Alkaline Health Books

Kangen Water Videos

Compatible Kangen Water Replacement Filters

HIGH Performance Filter
HIGH Performance HGN
PREMIUM Performance Filter
PREMIUM Performance HGN

ULTRA Performance Filter
ULTRA Performance HGN
UltraPremium Kangen Filter 
UltraPremium Kangen HGN Filter

Reusable Cleaning Cartridge

One Time Use HGN Cleaning Cart.
One Time Use Cleaning Cart.

REUSABLE Cleaning Cartridge
REUSABLE Cleaning HGN Cartridge Crystaline Cleaning Granules

Pre-filters & Housings

Diverters & Hoses


Shower Filters

Rainshower Shower Filter
Crystal Quest Shower Filter

Bath & Pool Filtration

Crystal Bath Ball Filter and Replacement Pouch

Whole House Filters


Singflo Water Pump

Testing Kits & Meters

Alkaline Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Test Kit
Fluoride/Chlorine Test Kit
pHydrion pH Test Paper

Health Books

Reverse Aging
Alkalize or Die

Powerful Magnets

Hard Water Magnetizer


Privacy Policy

We have the greatest respect for your private information and we are very serious about security. This is why the shredder is always on in our office. Read further to see what we mean.

Credit Card Information (online orders)
We never sees the credit card information of customers who make online orders. That's because we use PayPal to process all our orders. PayPal maintains your credit card information and does not share it with retailers. This is a great way for internet shoppers to make purchases without sharing their credit card information with websites that they might not have complete trust in. PayPal is a trusted name in e-commerce and we are please use them to process our orders. PayPal processes payment for over 100 million members and uses SSL, the security standard used for eCommerce. However because of their strict security measures you might sometimes experience problems placing an online order. In such cases you can call in your order.

Credit Card Information (phone orders)
For customers who prefer to place their orders over the phone, simply Contact Us. Please note that after processing your order, your credit card information will be promptly shredded. Therefore, should you decide to place a second order from us by phone, don't be surprised when we ask you for your credit card number again. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we don't maintain a database of customers credit cards. This is the most secure policy.

Emails & Email Addresses
We reserve the right to email customers to notify them of specials, new products, or as an annual reminder to change replacement filter. Therefore by placing an order with us you hereby agree to receive an occasional promotional email from us.  We do not share your email address with any person or organization except to delivery carriers so you can receive tracking information on your order. If you prefer us not to do this please give us a call or notifying us by email of that before placing your order.

Mailing addresses
We positively do not share your mailing address with any person or organization except delivery carriers which goes without saying or on rare occasions when we ask one of our suppliers to drop ship your order. As you can see we only share information that is necessary to fulfill customers orders. 

We are serious about the private information you have entrusted with us.

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