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Enagic Sunus Model No. TYH-51E

 Kangen Water Generator

Enagic Sunus Model No. TYH-51E Kangen water Ionizer

Replacement Filters | Accessories | Cleaning Service

We do not sell this model. If you are interested in this model you can contact a distributor at Enagic or you can purchase a similar model named Excel V IE-300.

You may have bought this model used, or inherited it from a relative and you have no knowledge of this machine, so we present the information here with you in mind. The Enagic site states that, "the Sunus is Enagic's "starter" model, compact size. The Sunus produces all drinking waters and Beauty water. Since the SUNUS doesn't produce the Strong alkaline or Acidic waters, it has a lower price tag than other machines." This model looks just like the Toyo Pure Porte II which is no longer sold in the USA.

Enagic SUNUS TYH-51E Specification

Model name / number SUNUS / TYH-51
Water source connection 1-way diverter (TAP/SHOWER/ION) connects to the end of faucet
Power Supply AC 120V, 60Hz (with ground)
Power consumption Approx. 120W (under maximum electrolysis function)
System Continuous Ionized Electrolysis Water Generator System (with built-in flow rate sensor)
Production rate (gallon(s)/minute)
  • Kangen Water: 0.79-1.32
  • Acidic water: 0.26-0.42
Level Selections
  • Kangen water / 3 levels (approx. pH 7.5-9.5)
  • Clean water (pH 7)
  • Acidic water (approx. pH 6.0-6.5)
Electrolysis Capability (continuous use) Approx. 30 min at normal room temperature
Cell cleaning method Auto cleaning system (periodically controlled by microcomputer)
Applicable water quality and pressure Municipally supplied drinking water: dynamic range in 100-450kPa
Electrolysis Enhancer N/A
Enhancer Refilling N/A
Protector Current Limiter/Voltage Stabilizer/Thermal Protection
Electrode material Platinum-plated Titanium
Electrode plates 3

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To Order Kangen Replacement Filters:

We carry several replacement filters that fit the Enagic Sunus TYH-51E Kangen Water generator and all other kangen water ionizers, including Sanastec carbon block filters made in the USA and Advanced Cleansweep GAC filters. All our filters made with the highest quality ingredients that meet NSF certification standards.

It is important to know which year you bought your machine because you could end up buying the wrong filter. We carry both the older style HG filters for machines made and sold in 2010 or before and the newer HGN style of filters which are for machines sold in 2011 or after. Please remove the filter currently in your machine and compare it to the pictures above and select accordingly.

Also please don't assume that because you may have bought your kangen water machine in 2009 that you have the old style of filter. If let's say you bought your machine in 2006 which would mean your filter should be the older HG style filter but you sent your machine into Enagic to get it serviced; please be aware that Enagic is known to change the filter base in machines sent to them without informing the customer. You the customer is responsible for selecting the correct filter for your machine. Filters that had water run through them cannot be exchanged.

We have diagrams and pictures to show you the difference between the two types of filters, so no one should make a mistake, but you are welcomed to contact us for assistance.



Citric Acid Cleaninfg Cartridge (E-Cleaner): We carry several accessories that you might need to keep your Kangen Water machine running. Most customers were provided with the E-Cleaning when they first purchased their machine, but if you don't have one you can order our Citric acid cleaning cartridge as well as our 2lb Crystaline Granules to use with either your E-Cleaner or our citric acid cleaning cartridge.

Faucer Diverter: The Faucet diverter is that little device that attaches to your kitchen faucet that allows you to divert water to your kangen water machine through the hose. For more information click on Faucet Diverter.

Hoses: Over time the white hose which connects your ionizer to your faucet will get black inside, and some customers are concerned about this. Also the grey acid water hoes which hangs in your sink will also look black inside and is a concern for anyone using the beauty water to wash their face. We don't believe that this is such a big issue but since customers are known to be concerned about it we carry replacement hoses

Pre-Filters: It is important to note that the replacement cartridge filters we sell on this site are made with carbon block technology which has a smaller micron rating or pore size than the very best filter produced by Enagic. This is significant because if the source water in your location has sediments our filters can be clogged up prematurely if you are not using a prefilter. The filter sold by Enagic is based on Granulated Activated Carbon GAC which has much larger pores than our filters. For more information click on Prefilters.

 Professional Cleaning Service

Before considering whether to send your machine to us to have it serviced make sure that your Sunus is no longer under warranty. If it is still under warranty you should send it to Enagic so they can service it for you. Our professional cleaning service has become a true blessing for many who have made a great investment in their Kangen water ionizers such as the Enagic Sunus TYH-51E.  Some customers had situations where water simply stopped flowing through the machine or lights not coming on or the machine not making alkaline water any more and were facing the prospect of spending another $1,200.00 for a new ionizer when they learned that we have a service center that can open their machine and give it a professional clean and a head to toe inspection. A professional clean can make your baby work like new again. It can resolve many problems this is why it is the first step we take when resolving most problems. It also includes return shipping to your address. There may be other things wrong with your machine, but before we do anything else we will inform you of what those charges would be. The initial charge is $75.00. When your machine is completed in the professional cleaning service, we will notify you and then send you a shipping charge. For more information please contact us.