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"Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times"
- Dr. J.M. Price, MD


Does Your Water Have This Much Chlorine?

Use our Chlorine Test Solution To Test Your Drinking Water

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Use this handy chlorine testing solution to see how much chlorine is in your tap water. It is a great way to discover if your water filter is actually removing chlorine. If chlorine is still in your water it is an indication that your filter needs to be changed. Give a bottle to your friend so they can get that motivation to filter their tap water. It might be the thing that saves his or her life. Human beings should not be drinking chlorinated water. It was only put in the water to kill micro organisms. It is really a poison for humans to drink. Incidentally, this test solution is also a poison. Be careful to read the warning information below and do not leave it where children can get a hold of it. You should treat all test solution in the same way unless told otherwise.

This Chlorine Test Solution will serve you well giving you several tests in every bottle. Use it to test when you should be replacing your filter cartridge. Regardless of how long the filter cartridges are rated to last, it all depends on your water quality. City governments and townships are not obligated to tell anyone that they had to increased or decreased the amount of chlorine on a day to day basis depending on the level of contamination they need to address. This means that a filter can be useless even though the manufacturer's expected filter life had not yet expired. Test your water every month to be on the safe side.

Why You Should Not Drink Chlorinated Water

You may know people who don't care about what all those health nuts think, and they drink chlorinated tap water like whisky and bathe in chlorinated water as if it was holy water. Well don't allow their attitude to lower your guard. You can't blame them when you get sick. Take responsibility for your own health. This first step is education. Below please find a series of news articles taken from various news outlets about the increased risks from drinking, bathing or swimming in chlorinated water.

Breitbart.com: 'Swimming in chlorinated pools can lead to cancer: study'
Swimming in chlorinated pools can cause an increased risk of cancer in bathers, Spanish researchers said on Monday. Researchers from the Barcelona-based Centre of Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and Research Institute Hospital del Mar studied changes in indicators of mutagenicity -- permanent mutation of the DNA -- among a group of swimmers in an indoor chlorinated pool.

"The evidence of genotoxic effects were observed in 49 healthy adults after swimming for 40 minutes in a chlorinated indoor pool," CREAL said in a statement on Monday.

Researchers found indicators of an increase in cancer risk in healthy subjects as well as potential respiratory effects from the cholorine used as a disinfectant, the statement said.

The study was published on Sunday in the US journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

The co-director of CREAL, Manolis Kogevinas, said the findings should not put people off swimming.

"The positive health impacts of swimming can be increased by reducing the levels of these chemicals," he said.

"In no case do we want to stop swimming, but to encourage the reduction of chemicals in swimming pools," said Kogevinas, who suggested the problems caused by a reduction in levels of disinfectant could be offset if swimmers showered before taking a dip, wore bathing caps and refrained from urinating.

You can also read the article here  Page 2