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SUNUS, LEVELUK R, K8, Leveluk DXII, Leveluk JRII, Leveluk SD501, SD501 Platinum, SUPER501, Leveluk SD501U.


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Cartridge filter AF-9000PP

Compatible with MW7000HG
For Enagic Leveluk Kangen Water™ Machines Bought (In or Before) 2010

Made in the USA

Shipping Information

Regular HG Filter base

This filter will fit these models

SUNUS TYH-51E Leveluk Jr II Leveluk DXII Leveluk SD501 Leveluk SD501 Platinum Leveluk SD501U

The PREMIUM PERFORMANCE Cartridge filter represent a quantum leap over the filters that come with the existing line up of Toyo, IE Series or Kangen Water ionizers. The PREMIUM filter has a 2 micron particulate rating and it is a heavy metal removal filter cartridge. See the Sanastec filter comparison chart below for more details. The PREMIUM PERFORMANCE is made right here in the United States by Sanastec International. More important it is made with higher quality filtration media than the filters coming from even Japan. We feel confident that if you try one of these filters, you WILL NOT want to ever use your old filter again!

Our replacement cartridge filters are 100% compatible with all Leveluk brand Kangen Water ionizers. What's more they are made right here in the United States of America by Sanastec International. Here are some other compelling reasons why you should consider trying our filters. We feel confident that our filters are much better and here is why:

1) Carbon Block: For starters our filters are carbon block filters. Carbon block filters simply does a better job at water filtration because it is more densely packed than Granulated Activated Carbon GAC filters like the ones produced by Enagic or even some of the GAC filters that we still carry. Being more densely or tightly packed, they will capture more sediments than the GAC filters do. The only down side is that if your tap water has heavy sediments they will clog up faster than the GAC filters. This is why we recommend that customers install a pre-filter depending on which of our filters you get. Generally speaking you will not need a pre-filter if you use the HIGH Performance cartridge filter, but you may need a pre-filter if you use either the PREMIUM Performance cartridge filter or the ULTRA Performance filter. We have several customers who use the PREMIUM and ULTRA without a pre-filter and they do just fine, but some do need a pre-filter.

The water in New York City which supplies the five boroughs is not filtered; it is only treated with chemicals. A new billion dollar filtration facility is being planned, but until then you can expect sediment in your NYC tap water, and so we recommend a pre-filter for NYC customers who use our carbon block filters. However most customers seem to do fine without a pre-filter and the filters still last about 5 to 6 months. In fact many customers use the filters for almost a year before needing to change it. We do not recommend using any filter beyond one year. GAC filters on the other hand will allow more sediments to flow through the filter and end up in the glass you will drink. The advantage of using a GAC filter is that it will last longer under the same source water conditions because it is filtering out less sediments and contaminants. These are basic facts of the technology used. If you prefer to use a GAC filter, we have the CleanSweep cartridge filters which is considered the best GAC filter today. The CleanSweep cartridge filter will only fit Kangen Water (Leveluk) models made before 1/1/2011.

2) Micron Rated: Our replacement cartridge filters are micron rated. This is a significant advance that you should consider. We are not aware of any GAC filter of the type that can work in the Leveluk, IE Series, Ange or Pure Porte II water ionizer models that have a micron rating. To our understanding Enagic doesn't publish a micron rating for any of the filters they sell, and neither does the GAC filters that we carry such as the  CleanSweep carry a micron rating. The micron rating helps consumers understand what contaminants they can expect to be excluded by the filter. Please see the detailed micron rating information on our Kangan Water compatible replacement filters below:

Filter Comparison Chart

New AF-9000 Replacement Filters

High Performance

Premium Performance

Ultra Performance

Carbon Type

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Highest Grade Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Micron Rating

5 Micron

2 Micron 0.5 Micron
Chlorine taste and odor reduction
High VOCs (household chemicals, pesticides) reduction
High TOCs (herbicides, detergents, fertilizers, industrial chemicals) reduction
98% Heavy Metals (lead, mercury, nickel, etc) reduction
99.95% Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, reduction
Filter Capacity* 1,500 gallons 1,500 gallons 1,500 gallons

* depending on water quality and water pressure or for six (or less) to twelve months.

3) Made with FDA Compliant & NSF Certified Materials:  Our filters are  manufactured using a proprietary process with FDA compliant materials. The materials and components used in these filters are certified by NSF International against NSF standard 61. The components used for chlorine, VOC and TOC reduction are based on laboratory testing conducted using test protocol contained in NSF standards 42 and 53 respectively. It is important to make clear that our filters are not NSF certified in and of themselves but the ingredients used are NSF certified.

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