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American Marine PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit


Shipping Information

With the PINPOINT ORP Meter kit from American Marine, you can feel confident when demonstration the wonders of your Kangen water ionizer to friends and family. We did our research and confirmed that the American Marine  PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit is the very best ORP meter for testing oxidation levels of kangen water.

This PINPOINT® ORP meter kit contains all the necessary components for the successful and accurate measurement of Kangen water and other liquids (except for a 9volt battery). The PINPOINT ORP meter will last for several years and the probe can have a functioning life of up to five years. This long life assumes that you make appropriate use of the calibration and storage solution. 

The PINPOINT® ORP Meter is a full range instrument, capable of measurement range from -2,000 to +2,000 millivolts. It has been engineered for the specific low negative ORP measurement range needed to measure ionized water by utilizing proprietary UltraPure Platinum® probe technology.

PINPOINT Calibration Solution

PINPOINT® Calibration Fluid should be used to occasionally verify the meter/probe accuracy and condition. Always be sure to have some on hand. Probe

PINPOINT Storage Solution

Storage Fluid should be placed inside the storage bottle to approximately halfway capacity. This will keep the response of the probe very fast and crisp.

PINPOINT Cleaning and Polishing Strip

The PINPOINT® Cleaning/Polishing Strip is used to recondition the jewelry grade platinum probe tip to properly read low negative ORP values. This will be the only method to condition the probe tip without destroying the delicate platinum surface. Cleaning/Polishing strips can be reused. If the ionizer readings are not as you predicted, a 5 second cleaning with the strip is all you need.

PINPOINT® ORP Meter Kit includes:
ORP/REDOX Monitor and Probe
Calibration Fluid (2 pouches)
Storage Fluid
Cleaning/Polishing Strip
Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included)

Range ................ –2,000mV to +2,000mV
Body.................. Polycarbonate body
Sensor................ UltraPure Platinum®
Reference ........... Sealed, gel-filled, double
external junctions
Range ................ 32°F-140°F, 0°C-60°C
Female BNC Connector connected to 10 foot
(3 meter) high suppression cable.