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Learn about our Fluoride Pre-Filter

Use this test to see if your water supply company is putting more than what the EPA recommends. With this test you can test for both fluoride and chlorine levels in your drinking water. Use it to see how well your water filter is at removing these poisons from your water. If you know that your water is being fluoridated and you still don't have a fluoride pre-filter to filter your tap water then we recommend that you read the reports on this page showing alarming reports of fluoride being linked to bone cancer and other health problems. This test will begin to give you a reaction when the sample water has 2 parts per million of fluoride as indicated on the strip you will receive with your kit. When we tested our water we did not get a reaction, so this means that our tap water has less than 2 ppm. The EPA has set 4ppm of fluoride as the maximum contaminant level MCL). We have added important information about fluoride from the EPA website for your convenience, but the link in also provided for you to visit the site directly.  Please read the other reports on the health effects of drinking to much fluoride in drinking water.

Fluoride Test Kit Details

The fluoride test is especially suited for rapid control of fluoride concentrations. Its purpose is to define concentration ranges and detect values which fall short of or exceed given limits.

Color Reaction:
The pink test disc is bleached by fluoride containing hydrochloric acid solutions. The size of the bleached area corresponds to the total fluoride concentration.

Fluoride Test Kit Contents:
3 test discs
1 bottle fluoride reagent test solution (hydrochloric acid)
1 disc color scale,
1 pin/needle,

Fluoride Test Instructions:
1. Fill a 20ml (beaker/small plastic container) about half-way with the water sample (about 10ml)
2. Add 20 drops hydrochloric acid (Fluoride Reagent). The pH value must be below 1.
3. Remove one fluoride test disc from ziplock bag. Close bag immediately.
4. Pierce the round test disc in the middle with the enclosed needle!
5. Throw test disc into the water sample and submerge completely.
6. after 5 - 7 minutes the test disc is saturated with the solution, i.e. it does not absorb any more liquid. At the latest 2 minutes after saturation remove the test disc from the sample and compare the size of the bleached zone with the disc color scale. This test will give you a reaction when the sample water has at least 2 parts per million of fluoride. Otherwise no changes will be observed.

For high concentrations the sample has to be diluted. After evaluation the dilution has to be taken into account.

Avoid exposing the sticks to sunlight and moisture. Store the kit below + 30 degrees centigrade in a dry place.

We included three tests discs so you can test your tap water, then the water produced by your water filter to see if fluoride was removed by filtration and one extra disc if something went wrong with your testing. 

Basic Information about Fluoride in Drinking Water http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw000/contaminants/basicinformation/fluoride.html

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