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Here are some places you can go to and find other related health products.

Japan is the birth place of all kangen water ionizers, and this is why the Japs have such a great reputation when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. The Leveluk SD501 costing $3,980.00 is a perfect example of this, but many American consumers are not aware that there are other high quality Japanese water ionizers on the market that cost far less than Enagic Leveluk brand. Visit
Japanesewaterionizers.com and discover Japanese great models such as the powerful MX99 Advanced Water Ionizer which can do everything the SD501 does at almost half the price. Furthermore we also carry a full range of other related and support products, like replacement filters, pre-filters, shower filters, hoses, faucet diverters, water test kits, citric acid cleaning cartridges, Whole house filters, health books etc.   

For the most complete information on top quality water ionizers and advanced nutritional products give us a visit. Our store is artfully designed to help you easily find what you are looking for. Under Water Systems  you will find Advanced water Ionizers, Prefilters, Whole House Filters, Shower Filters, Hard Water Treatment, Faucet Filters, and WaterPik. Under Nutritional Supplements you will find Alkaline Booster Drops, Enzymes,   Herbal Extracts, Minerals, Rich Distributing's MSM, Cellfood Products, the best Superfood products, and Vitamins. Under Detox Tools you will find Herbal Cleanses, Herbal Extracts, Far Infrared,   Heavy Metal Chelation, and Detox Foot Pads.  

Alkaline water ought to be considered the #1 health food. Our objective is to help any one looking for reliable information about alkaline water, alkaline water ionizers, alkaline boosting drops, portable alkaline ionizers, alkaline ph (reagent) test kits and pH/ORP test meters, and pH test strips to test saliva or urine; anything alkaline. We have other interests as well because once the body is alkaline all other body functions can work at its optimum. Nutrients are absorbed better when you are in an alkaline state. Visit us at www.microwaterwoman.com and see all that we offer.  

The objective of optimum health is to be alkaline. We carry the most advanced water ionizers in the United Satates and nutritional supplements that are designed to help you become more alkaline. We carry the IE-900, Life Ionizer 7500, Jupiter Orion, and other great water ionizers. We also carry Cellfood, Superfood Plus, pHion Alkalive products, and a host of other respected nutritional supplements. We also carry Omica, Crystal Quest and Rainshow'r shower filters. We are also the source for prefilters of all kinds. We ship fast and your satisfaction is our objective.

is committed to providing our customers with affordable quality alkaline water ionizers such as the KYK Genesis, KYK Harmony, and Jupiter Melody water ionizers. We recognized that people want to drink alkaline water but don't want to go into debt when our family friend bought the Jupiter Ultra Technos from a different web site. We also carry many quality nutritional supplements you will fall in love with. We also carry several detoxification and herbal cleansing products including detox foot pads, Far Infrared products, etc. all at great prices.

The Genesis STEEL is the latest in 9 plate technology and it is the new standard. Get clean crisp highly charged anti-oxidant and alkaline water with this state of the art water filtration device. Rest assured this is the finest alkaline water ionizer you can find. Genesis Steel is not an Enagic Kangen product.  

We have built a reputation of great customer service based on honesty and integrity. We have been around longer than most companies selling water ionizers. We started with the Pure Porte II and the MicroStructured Water system both from Japan. Today we carry machines from the Impart Group including IE-400, IE-500, and IE-900. We used to carry the following Jupiter water ionizers including Orion, Aquarius, Melody, and MicroLite. They have been upgraded to the AlkaViva line of ionizers including the AlkaViva Vesta H2, AlkaViva Athena H2, AlkaViva Melody H2, and The Ultra Delphi Undersink. We also carry the top tier alkaline water ionizers from Life Ionizer including Life Ionizer 5000, Life Ionizer 7000, Life Ionizer 7500, and Life Ionizer 8000. We also carry several powerful nutritional supplements. Alkaline Boosting Drops such as Alkalife, Alkazone, and pHion Alkalive. We carry the full line of  Freeda Vitamins, and E3Live blue breen algae products. We also carry the incredible new Adult Stem Cell Enhancer called StemEnhance, and a host of other great health products.

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