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 Portable Mini Waterman
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Portable Mini Waterman Personal Bio Mineral Pot
This is a fabulous option when it is not practical for you to carry your Kangen water machine with you. If you are just learning about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, but don't have all the funds to get one of plug in water ionizers, then you should consider getting this unique and handy H2Go Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer.

 Mini Waterman Personal Bio Mineral Pot water ionizer is a great alternative and option when you are on the go. The Mini Waterman is ideal for work, travel, camping - anywhere you can't take your home water ionizer unit. The Mini Waterman Pitcher quickly and easily turns ordinary tap or bottled water into ionized water in minutes. Simply pour your tap or bottled water into the filter portion of the pitcher to make ionized water a glass at a time no matter where you are. The Mini Waterman Pitcher efficiently removes bacteria and chemicals and other impurities from source water. Water PH can be raised to 8.5 or better with an ORP of up to -250 depending on your source water.

The Mini Waterman Personal Bio Mineral Pot Provides Effective Filtration
The Waterman Pitcher filter uses magnets, silver activated carbon, somelite coral sand and bioceramics. The silver activated carbon effectively not only removes bacteria from the water and prevents its growth, but also filters out many heavy metals, chemicals and other impurities from the water. Somelite coral sand is a natural substance used in filtration to add minerals and also filter out chemicals and other substances. Magnets have long been recognized for their ability to change the properties of water making it more readily absorbed by the body - or simply put "wetter."

H2Go Contaminant Removal efficiency*
Aluminum 97.5%
Cadmium 97.3%
Chlorine 99.0%
Lead 98.2%
Nitrate 85.0%
Zinc 97.5%

Each filter cartridge is good for 800 liters or three months and replacement filters are sold in packs of three for around $65. When you buy the Waterman H2Go Pitcher with one replacement filter pack, the average person won't need to order replacement filters for a full year.

How to Use Your H2Go Waterman Pitcher

Open the funnel cap and remove the filter holder cap.

Place the funnel cap into the filter holder. Fill the H2Go with water and watch it pass through the filter. Once done, close the filter holder cap

Mini Waterman Personal Bio Mineral Pot General Tips

  • Do not let the H2Go filter dry out after you have started using the it. Store it full if you are not using it.

  • If you have not used the H2Go for several days, flush it out at least once and discard this water. Be sure to shake the filter to loosen any filter media that may have settled which can cause slow flow through rates.

  • No water filter should be kept longer than 12 months as bacteria may build up to unacceptable levels. Write down and keep the date you started using the Waterman.

  • Don't forget to use the H2Go in the kitchen for cooking, beverages and ice blocks. Pets benefit from good hydration too.

  • You will not contribute to landfill with over consumption of store-bought bottles used once and then thrown out.

Other Mini Waterman hints from practical experience

Like American Express don't leave home without the Mini Waterman Pitcher. Remember that water quality varies wildly from location to location and you may end up regretting not having the Waterman with you. We cannot overstate the importance of proper hydration.

When travelling with a full Mini Waterman, ensure the blue cap that seals the water is firmly in place, or it will leak. If you prefer not to drink direct from the Mini Waterman, or if the one Mini Waterman is providing drinking water for more than one person, use it to refill most honored non-BPA drinking water bottles. You will save considerable time and money by not having to buy bottled water from a store each day.

How Can You Tell When To Change The Filter?
When the water flow through the Mini Waterman slows down, or if there is a poor taste to the water, it is time to replace the filter cartridge. This may be some time after the filter has treated 800 liters of water. This can vary up or down depending on the chemical load and solids you have been filtering from the source water

It is clear to see that the Mini Waterman portable water ionizer is an affordable solution for people on the go. You don't have to worry about transporting bottles of water or washing the inside of your bottles. Furthermore, you get the benefit of drinking fresh alkaline and anti-oxidant water every time you make some Mini Waterman water. While the Mini Waterman Pitcher won't ionize water at the same levels as your full featured alkaline water ionizer, it is an easy and affordable option for clean, pure, ionized water when you're away from your home unit.

Remember, if using bottled water with your Waterman Pitcher, purified water lacks the mineral content necessary for ionization. With the filtration of the Waterman Pitcher, you should feel confident that unfiltered tap water will be well filtered and allow for proper ionization.

The Waterman Pitcher retails for $64.95. For additional savings and a full year of filters you can choose the Waterman Pitcher Combo with 3 additional replacement cartridges. See pricing below. For more information on the Waterman Pitcher or to purchase either the Waterman Pitcher or the Waterman Pitcher combo, click on an image below.

Mini Waterman Portable Water Ionizer

Waterman Pitcher
Portable Water Ionizers
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Mini Waterman Alkaline Water Ionizer - Includes 1 Filter


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Mini Waterman Alkaline Ionizer Combo Pack - with 3 Extra Filters


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Waterman H2Go Replacement Filters

1 Mini Waterman Replacement Filter $26.95

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3 Mini Waterman Replacement Filters $79.95

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