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Undersink Designer Faucet


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Shipping Information

Have you ever wanted to put your Kangen Water Machine under your countertop to have more space? Well is a solution we think you will love. Introducing the New, Fancy  Kangen Water Undersink Faucet! It is a clean, shiny, practical solution for customers who want to place their Kangen Water units under their sink and still drink the best water money can buy. Try it today and learn how to effectively use this unit to improve the functionality of your countertop space while still providing you and your loved ones with the same delicious water!

What comes in the package.

Undersink Designer Faucet Instructions

  • Blue tube- tap water in

  • Green tube- to ionizer machine (white hose)

  • Clear Tube- from alkaline water (flexible pipe)

  • Red Tube- From Acid water (grey hose)

  • Installation in done.

  • You should now turn the cold water valve on and check for any leaks.  

You can get the unit by itself or you can get it complete with the kit for easier installation. Please Return to Faucet Diverter page to make your order.

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