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Shipping Information

If you ever dreamed of having your Kangen Water machine on your counter but without the clutter of the hose connected to your kitchen faucet, your dream has finally came true. This elegant Chrome designer faucet diverter valve connects directly to your cold water line under your sink, no clutter no mess. It is so small and discrete and that's the way customers say they want it. Although it is not shown the grey acid run off hose will still be hanging in the sink. This is what many customers have been hounding us for. Now we have it. It comes complete with a kit for under sink hook up. You will need to have a hole cut in your sink to perform the installation. It comes with complete installation instructions.

What comes in the box/envelope.

Kangen Designer Faucet Diverter Instructions

1. Turn off the cold water valve and disconnect the cold water supply hose that is hooked up to that valve.

2. Attach a T-Connect (fig. 1) to the valve

3. Attach the cold water supply to top of the T-connect.

4. Prepare the water supply tubing by first slipping the compression sleeve and compression nut towards the tubing's end as shown in fig. 2, then attach the brass tubing insert into the tubing's opening.

5. Slide bezel onto the stem on new faucet, with the O-ring side facing down.

6. Insert new faucet into the hole on the counter top.

7. Slide the remaining large washer first, follow by the lock washer onto the stem.

8. Tighten the hex nut until the faucet is in place. Hold the washers as you tighten it, due that they tend to slide off. You can unscrew and reposition the handle as desired.

9. Get the assembled water supply tubing in step D. Firmly push the free endof the tubing into the bottom opening of the T-connect. Then, attach the end with the compression nut, compression sleeve, and brass tubing insert into the opening of the faucet stem, as shown.

10. Slip the free end of the water supply hose onto the faucet's outlet. Use a hose clamp to secure.

11. Installation in done. You may now turn the cold water valve on and check for any leaks.  

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